Why I chose Squarespace to power my new site

The main reason I wanted to relaunch my website was to ramp up the amount of content. The primary component of that was my new personal blog. Because I have very limited time to do much personal blogging, it was important that I find a platform that made it very quick and easy to get content posted.

I narrowed down the choice to two platforms: WordPress and Squarespace. I was very familiar with WordPress since I've used it at TechRepublic for several years and for a number of other side projects. However, I'd also heard a lot of good things about Squarespace.
I decided to give Squarespace a try with the two-week free trial. Within a week, I was sold. The blog posting tool was super-simple but still offered all the features I wanted and needed. I also loved the Squarespace iPhone app, and immediately identified that as something I could use to get some posts written while I was traveling or on the go.
But where Squarespace really shines is in web design and layout. It essentially provides a WYSIWYG editor for CSS in a web-based tool. This makes building sites and pages far simpler and easier, and you can make it look pretty good, too. I've built sites with Dreamweaver, hand-coded HTML, and used WordPress to quickly design and construct pages. Nothing compares to Squarespace in terms of building a good design quickly. It comes with a great set of templates and customizing them is remarkably easy. Being able to preview CSS changes live is a great feature.
The final factor that swayed me toward Squarespace was its high-end, scalable infrastructure. The company promises that large spikes in traffic will not take down your site. Even if you have a post that goes viral and gets tens of thousands of visitors in a matter of hours, the Squarespace data center is designed to handle it.
While Squarespace does still have some flaws and eccentricities -- mostly with a few of the WYSIWYG design features that demand a little trial-and-error -- I am very happy with it. I've been using it for about two months now and continue to be very impressed by what the Squarespace team has built. I owe them a big "thanks." Without Squarespace, there's no way I could have done my own design for this site in such a short time.